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Red Isle Produce, PEI Potatoes - Did you know?
Red Isle Produce has many years of experience in shipping to various countries around the world. We are strategically located at a deep-water port for export. For smaller shipments we are located between two large container piers on the east coast of Canada - the ports of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saint John, New Brunswick.

Red Isle Produce also has over twenty years’ experience in trucking throughout Canada and to the USA. Our system offers a seamless delivery to our customers in temperature controlled trailers eliminating any hassle in between packing our product and delivering it to your door.

We will organize your shipments from the farm to your country using trusted people to handle your product. That includes our own administrative, trucking, and stevedoring staff, as well as our trusted partners who supply the ocean transport.

Where We Ship
Red Isle Produce, PEI, Canada - Shipping Locations

Contact us to find out if we ship to your location!
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