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Red Isle Produce, PEI, - Potato Facts
The produce business is constantly changing and in North America the retail or chain store buyer is a very important part of the distribution of fresh produce to the consumer.

Red Isle Produce deals with many excellent packing companies on Prince Edward Island, and through this we can offer distribution for the retail trade directly to your warehouse in USA or Canada. We deal with brokers, wholesalers, repackers or the chain store buyer directly to organize the distribution of product to the locations on a timely basis.

If required, we can assist in the planning for in-store promotions and provide special pricing to run these features.

Product is available in all sizes of consumer packs: 3, 5, 10, and 20 lbs bags in poly or paper. We can also supply 50 and 100 lb bags for repackers supplying the chain stores. We are able to supply Russet, Round White and Yellow flesh varieties. Visit our products page to view our potato variety listing for more information on our varieties.

Contact us if you are interested in retail trade.
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