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Product Availability
The primary shipping season for our company is starting with the new crop in September, and finishing with storage crop in June. During this time period we monitor the quality and availability to ensure that our customers receive the best product possible.

Crop Protection
Red Isle Produce carries a complete line of crop protectants for farmers on Prince Edward Island. Crop protectants are delivered directly to the farm by Red Isle Produce. This helps us to maintain a very good relationship during the summer season with the farmers and gives us a good understanding about the availability and quality of the growing crop.

Use our potato variety listing to find out more about the characteristics of the fresh potato varieties, processing potato varieties and seed potato varieties we supply:

Fresh Potatoes
RedChieftain PotatoDark Red Norland Potato
Round WhiteAC Chaleur PotatoAtlantic PotatoKennebec PotatoSuperior Potato
RussetBurbank PotatoGoldrush PotatoNorkotah Potato
YellowPenta PotatoSatina PotatoYukon Gold Potato

Processing Potatoes
Chip StockAtlantic PotatoDakota Pearl PotatoEva PotatoSnowden Potato
French FryBurbank PotatoShepody Potato

Seed Potatoes
Chip StockAC Novachip PotatoDakota Pearl PotatoEva PotatoSnowden Potato
French FryBurbank PotatoShepody Potato
FreshChieftain PotatoDark Red Norland PotatoGoldrush PotatoKennebec PotatoNorkotah PotatoSuperior PotatoYukon Gold Potato

Our customers in various countries frequently ask us to source onions for them from P.E.I. or other growing areas. The onions that we ship are primarily yellow and red onions packed in 50 lb or 25 kg poly mesh bags. Onions can be shipped in reefer containers or included in break-bulk shipments with potatoes.

Contact us for your product and service requirements.
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